Macro Photos of Human Eyes

Lacking money for an actual proper macro lens, I recently purchased a cheap accessory for my DSLR that allows you to shoot images super up close. Does it compare to a really nice piece of glass? No. But it does the job.

All the tube of plastic really does it push your lens further away from your sensor. Simple physics means this shifts your minimum focus distance in front of the lens. Voila.

I of course shot a ton of things soon as I got it. But none as interesting as close ups of the human eye. The human iris is a beautiful/gross thing.


Macro Photo of Human Eye & Iris

The subject was really tough to light, given how reflective the human eye is and how close the lens was to the subject’s face. I ended up using an LED light panel, and placed it such to minimize the reflection, but I couldn’t eliminate it completely. So, yeah, I caved and photoshopped it.

I also obviously had to shoot some video. Check out that iris open and close! You can also see the reflection on the light in the vid.


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